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Great Catskills Memories...

  • "Watched this trailer and there was my mother who passed away almost 4 years ago seated in the dinning room. She was a guest every summer for the whole summer for almost 30 years. Helen would greet her each year and we could not leave on labor day with out stopping to by to say good bye to Helen. I spent my child hood and teens up there every summer and learned how to play a mean game of poker too. It was time that has past but thanks for giving the thrill of seeing my mother once more in her pink suit all dressed up probably just a mid week dinner. It brought a smile and tear to my eyes." -Jay

  • "Just one more thing.  I checked out your website... and [saw] the dinning room table picture. The women in the pink suit is my mother.  I know it was a second on the trailer, but I new that suit and her table in a moment."  -Jay
  • My father was Abe Barrish. He worked at Kutsher's as Maitre D' from about 1963 - 1988. I think he was the first all year round Maitre D' at Kutsher's. At Kutsher's he maintained his friendships with the entertainers, athletes, and celebrities [see photos here of Abe with Muhammad Ali & Wilt Chamberlain at Kutsher's]. From around 1964-1974 I also worked at Kutsher's, mainly as as a busboy and waiter. With Phil Brown and Shalom Goldman, I helped establish the Catskills Institute and for about ten years we had conferences on the Borscht Belt.  - Alan
  • My grandpa, Julian Barovick, doing standup at Kutsher's Hotel! -Bex

  • Gail Funk Silverman told us that she saw this Kutsher's postcard for the first time when she watched Welcome to Kutsher's, and says she recognized herself in the image immediately!

  • "Great to see Ceilia Duffy, she taught me everything in figure skating! I miss the old Ice Shows we did." --- memories to motion pro
  • "I never stayed at Kutsher's, but, as a child in the early 1950's, my parents would go to Schenk's Paramount. In the 60's I worked there for one summer as a busboy and waiter. It was hard work, but, if you were good, you got decent tips. But, the biggest fringe benefit was the sex. Yes, you heard it right! Many families would go up for one, two or more weeks and the husbands would go back to the city to work and come back up on the weekends. The wives were cougars & went after us young guys." -Bruce
  • Farming, Woodstock and the Jewish Catskills by Jordan, read the essay by clicking here.
  • "I loved going to Kutsher’s and felt like a king for our 3 or 4 night stay. Each night, we ate delicious food in the dining hall. The nightclub was state of the art with a beautiful circular stage that included some top entertainment. I especially liked the comedy acts, and even though I was not technically allowed in [as a high school sophomore], I would sneak into the dark nightclub to hear the late night comedians who told raunchy jokes. There were people that had appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson who performed at Kutsher’s. During our stays at Kutsher’s, I remember seeing David Brenner and Jackie Mason. Gabe Kaplan, who played the teacher in one of my favorite shows Welcome Back Kotter, also performed at Kutsher's. Kutsher’s was alive with activity and there was always something to do." -Art  
  • "I was a busboy in the main dining room [at Kutsher's] in 1954. I was there at the same time as Wilt Chamberlain (and I played ball on the [same] team, I was 6'7"), Red Auerbach, Bob Cousy, Red Morrison. I remember that Wilt had a 48 or so Buick 2-door and had removed the front seat and sat in the rear seat to drive. He was going to Kansas when I was there and was a tall skinny kid --- he filled out later. We had a great time, wonderful memories. Sorry that world has gone. ... In my time waiters were not used in main dining room, only waitresses. Sy Hugo Green, who was All American out of Duquesne, was the children's waiter. He used to play tennis against Cousy --- great matches and great athletes. We worked long days but had fun times when we were not working. ... A ritual in the Catskills was the serving of rib steak on Sunday. Some hotels served it for lunch so the customers leaving had a great meal to remember when going home. Others served it for dinner so the new customers should have a great meal coming in. Kutsher's served it for dinner. The waitress I was dating saved me one for late night snacks."  -Dan 
  • "We lived Dirty Dancing at Kutsher's.  I went up in the summer of the late 60's as a teenager, little to know how Kutsher's would ultimately change my life.  At the beginning of the 1960 summer season it happened.  I had just finished serving lunch on a Friday, for those guests that had shown up early for check in.  For some reason, fate had drawn me up to the Kutsher's lobby and there she was.  A beautiful tall, thin, gorgeous red head.  Her hair draped silly down all the way below her waist.  Call it love at first sight!  I timidly walked up to her and introduced myself.  She responded to me.  I felt electricity pulsating through my every fiber.  She was going to be on staff.  She was hired to be the assistant hostess to Phil Kugel and Joan Schauer who ran the night club.  Love blossomed.  We became an 'us'.  We worked that entire summer.  I worked from 7 AM in the morning until 9 PM each night.  She worked from 9 PM at night until 1-2 AM in the morning.  There were the nightly show with singers and borscht belt comedians-- Freddy Roman, Mal Z. Lawrence and more.  After working all day, I would hang out at the night club to be near her.  Usually working as a bar waiter bringing drinks to the tables during the shows.  We were wed, November 22, 1972.  Phil Kugel gave us a dining room server which we recovered and made into a bar for our first apartment.  We still continued to work our regular jobs and worked weekends at Kutsher's.  But now as man and wife, I got to stay at her bungalow room, across from the main entrance.  Thank you Kutsher's for being such an integral part of my life! Thanks to you, I met the girl of my dreams and made a life together.  Our grandchildren will never be able to experience the warmth and innocence we derived.  We were broken-hearted to hear about your demise.  Kutsher's will live on in our hearts and memories."  -Howard & Ronni  
  • "I used to take lessons from Celia [Duffy] and do her shows along with my daughter.  I spoke with Celia and her daughter Valerie and it has been bringing up old memories, as I have begun to go thru many of hundreds (literally) of videos I have from the rink.  I don't think I ever missed skating or taping a show and practice.  Really miss that part of my life."  - Terri 
  • Watch home video of our stay at Kutsher's for my father's 60th birthday party (he is now 87) weekend on August 21, 1987.  -Joel  [VIDEO LINK COMING SOON...]